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Cozy inn and Restaurant by the Harbor.
Enjoy the utmost relaxation.

Toyooka City is a town rich in nature, surrounded by the sea and mountains.
Yashio is located by the sea in Takeno Town where the sea breeze is pleasantly refreshing.
We started from a small restaurant.
Dishes made with a wealth of locally sourced natural ingredients
in an atmosphere that feels like dining at a friend's home.
We named our restaurant "Uchige no Ryori Yashio."guided by the above these two concepts,
Uchige" is a regional dialect that means "my home."
Come and relax as if you're visiting a friend's home.

After three years of running the restaurant,
We renovated a small traditional house near the restaurant and turned it into accommodation.

This is an exclusive private rental accommodation, limited to one group per day.

Many people visit this small fishing town in the summer for beach outings and camping,and in winter for its renowned crab dishes.
If you want to relax and take it easy, spring and autumn seasons are recommended
The vibrant energy of summer gives way to a tranquil, laid-back atmosphere.
It's only a 30-second walk from the inn to the restaurant.
Spend leisurely moments at Yashio, cherishing the fleeting yet significant times that fly by in our everyday lives.

Owner :Tatsuo Shiomi and Yuki



Please enjoy the cuisine of "Uchige no Ryori Yashio" at Yashio.

 Our accommodations are room-only.
We do not offer dining services .
We encourage you to try the cuisine at "Uchige no Ryori Yashio“

  We emphasize using fish sourced exclusively from Takeno to allow our guests to savor the flavors of the sea that the owner has cherished and enjoyed since childhood.

We offer a course menu featuring Japanese cuisine with a focus on local fish dishes, seasonal mountain delicacies, and vegetables grown by local mothers, emphasizing healthy and natural ingredients for a gentle and delightful taste.
We also accept reservations for dining only.

Business hours: 6:00 pm to 10:00pm
Tuesdays with occasional temporary closures

Allergy Information:
As our courses are chef's selections,
please inform us in advance if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions.


Classic yet Modern, the rental house of Nostalgic Charm.

 Our inn is a traditional Japanese house estimated to be 100 years old.
As you step into the inn, you'll notice the lofty ceilings and expansive dirt floor,

with rooms arranged in the uncommon grid pattern.
  We have preserved the original beams and valuable fittings, and applied plaster throughout the walls.
Maintaining the rustic appeal of the old house,

we provide modern comforts with cool temperatures in summer,

warmth in winter, and clean bathroom facilities.

Renovations have been carried out to provide you with a comfortable and pleasant stay.
Experience a comfortable stay in a private space with exclusive access to the entire house.

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